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We are passionate about Vietnamese food and health, so we created YEM Home Foods to spread the love for Vietnamese food while promoting a clean eating lifestyle. 

Through YEM Home Foods, we make it easier for you to eat and cook healthy Vietnamese with our meal kits, packaged foods, cooking classes, and food journals.


YEM Home Foods is connected with YEM Home Venice, a boutique members' club in Venice, CA with a focus on cultivating authentic connection and wellbeing through shared Vietnamese meals and other nourishing experiences. 

YEM Home Venice is located at 1309 Main Street, Venice CA. This is where we assemble your fresh meal kits and where orders can be picked up. We also sell artisanal products, freshly made condiments, and Vietnamese coffee at our storefront.


All of our recipes are developed by our founder, Linh Kieu, who's extremely passionate about food, Vietnam, community, and wellness. She's a self-taught chef who has been cooking and reinventing traditional dishes for 20 years. 

Personally, she follows a diabetes-prevention diet which is primarily keto, minimal animal protein, and occasional rice. 


Born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, Linh loves nothing more than Northern Vietnamese food, and her cooking reflects that. 

While many dishes pay homage to her heritage, she also makes dishes inspired by California and the places she has lived and traveled to. 

She believes in having it all, so she cooks food that is simple, fresh and healthy while still full of flavor and comfort.

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1309 Main St, Venice, CA 90291, USA